Friday, December 23, 2016

Woodland Fairies

14"x 11"              oil

This double portrait commissioned by a former student was a joy to paint. I loved that the mother of the girls chose a reference photo displaying the adorable personalities of the children hamming it up rather than a stiff posed picture.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Interesting Article

oil         8"x 10"

 Judy, another artist friend, taking a rest and reading a magazine article. This is a nice contrast between the cool blue of her sweater with the warm glow of her living room.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Morning Break

oil             8"x 10"

This time Dianne, another artist friend posed. I really like how the backlighting created strong plays of light across the table.



oil              5"x 7"

My artist friend, Ralphie, chose to play solitaire on her iPad while the rest of us painted her.


Sketching Me, Painting Her

oil               8"x 10"

Our group of artists has been getting together to paint, encourage, and motivate each other. Often we paint outdoors (en plein air) but when the weather started turning cold and rainy we moved indoors taking turns meeting in each others homes. This painting was a challenge for me because of the split focal points. What to focus on?  The shiny, elaborate samovar or my fellow artist-friend Marci? I tried to tone down the samovar and use the cooler colors on Marci (contrasting with the warm colors of the room) to draw the eye to her.
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Monday, July 4, 2016

Foggy Morning

8"x 10"             oil

With this painting I was challenging myself to keep the colors very muted to capture the lifting morning fog against the cliffs.  The sun only illuminated some of the newly greened grasses on the hillside and the highlights on the ocean. It made my day when a lovely couple from Reno who were visiting our coastal area bought it to remember their trip. Thank you, Janet and James!


Marigolds and Oranges

7"x 5"            oil

I really enjoyed painting this still life. I love the contrast between the cobalt blue vase and the oranges and yellows of the fruit and flowers. A friend (and collector of my work) loved this piece too and bought it! Thank you, Cathy!